Tue Nov 11 05:09:14 UTC 2003

Dear Sir=2C 


I am the son of the former vice president and immediate 
past president of liberia after president Charles Taylor=2C was forced by rapid rebel gains=2C his indictment by a war crimes tribunal in Sierra Leone and pressure from the United States to resign and go into exile in Nigeria=2E 


I presume you are aware you were aware of the happenings in liberia=2EPresenlly my father has handed over power peacefully to Gyude Bryant to head Liberia's new transitional government=2E

My father while in power deposited some money with a security 
company abroad for safe keeping=2EFollowing his peacefull exit from power=2C I am soliciting for your humble and confidential assistance to take custody of Twelve Million=2C Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars {US$12=2C500=2C000=2E00}=2C also 
to front for me in the areas of business you desire 
profitable=2E This sum of US$12=2E5M=2C has secretly been 
deposited into a confidential Security Company where 
it can easily be withdrawn or paid to a recommended 
beneficiary with the presentation of the necesary documents=2E 
The funds will be released to you by the Security Company based
 on my recommendations as all the docuemnts relating to the fund is presently with me=2E 
On this note=2C you will be presented as my partner who 
will be fronting for me and my family in any subsequent ventures=2E 

If this proposal satisfies you=2C do response as soon as possible=2E 
Please respond to my personal and private email adrress bellow=2E 

Thank you and God bless=2E 

Yours Faithfully=2C 
Phillip Blah

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