ANJA VANDIJK anja.vandijk at
Thu Nov 13 08:23:16 UTC 2003


                     C=2F CORDOBA N=B0 21 EGGER-STRAAT ST

                        28089 AMSTERDAM  NETHERLAND

                          TEL=2FFAX=3A +0031630235596


                      FROM=3A THE PROMOTIONS DIRECTOR

                         REF=3A IPL=2F4249859609=2FWP1
                        BATCH=3A GL=2F91663=2FAP3A

                         ANTTION=3A  ANJA VANDIJK



We are pleased to inform you of the release=2C of the long awaited results of the EL GORDO SPANISH SWEEPSTAKE LOTTERY=2FINTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS PROGRAMMES held on the 6th November 2003=2E You were entered as dependent clients with reference 

Number=3A NM=2FBC921245=2FKY13=2C and batch number NM=2F207161=2FKOP=2E Your name attached to the ticket number=3A 46=2E939 drew a lucky winning number=2C which consequently won the sweep take in the second category=2C in four parts=2E

 You have therefore been approved for a payment of 700=2C000=2E00euros=28SEVEN HUNDRED  THOUSAND EUROS=2E=29 in cash credited to file reference number=3A LIP=2F456278-298=2FRT6=2EThis is from a total cash prize of US$10=2C756=2E820 =28TEN MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX THOUSAND=2C EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY U=2ES DOLLARS=29 Shared among the international winners in all categories=2C congratulations!!!!!

All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 91=2C000 =28Ninety One thousand=29 names around the world=2C as part of our first international promotions programme=2C which was conducted in the early of the this month calendar=2E

Due to mixed up of some names and addresses=2C we ask that you keep this award personal=2Cuntil your claims has been processed and your funds remitted to you=2E This is part of our security measures to avoid double claiming or unwarranted taking advantage of the situation by other participants or impersonators=2E 

 To begin your claim=2C please complete the enclosed release order form=2C and send by fax to =28Mr=2ETOMAS PETE=2CForeign Transfer Manager=29 GATEWAY SECURITY=2C a group of =28OVERSEAS SECURITY BVG=29 at =28tomas=2Epete=5Fgatewaysecurity=40laposte=2Enet=29

TEL=3A +0031-645-840-587=2C

FAX=3A +0031-647-858-367

They are your agent=2C and will be  responsible for the processing and transfer of your winnings to you=2E

Note=3AThat you are to pay the sum of 700euros to your agent for processing of your winning prize=2E

YOUR SECURITY FILE NUMBER IS W-91237-H=B067=2FB4 =28keep personal=29 Remember=2C all prize money must be claimed not later than =2820-11-03=29=2E After this date=2C funds might be returned to the ministerio De Economia Y Hacienda as unclaimed=2E Furthermore=2C should there be any change in your address=2C do inform your claims agent as soon as possible=2E Once again=2C Congratulations=2E  






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