Low Priced Holiday Toys!

Dollie Reeves qqx0neqfb at msn.com
Sat Nov 15 07:24:33 UTC 2003

Just inches long and charged in less than 
one minute the new mini RC helicopter is 
this holiday seasons best seller!
Selling for only half the price of those 
at retail stores our mini helicopters are 
selling out fast! Unlike the mini RC cars 
of last year the mini RC helicopter is so 
much more functional and so much more in 
demand that they will NOT last long! This 
is not just a mini RC car that looks like 
a helicopter like some of the fakes selling 
now, our mini RC helicopters actually fly 
using a small remote control! The MINI RC 
helicopter is so easy to control anyone 
can use it!

Get yours now while we can still offer them at 
such a great discount!


not interested


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