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Wed Nov 19 06:05:29 UTC 2003

Greetings from UAE


I decided to contact you by email because I feel that it is more secured and private=2E I am one of the top Directors of Procurement and Contract Award=2C Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources =5BMPMR=5D=2E I am contacting you concerning the transfer of US$26 Million Dollars =28TWENTY SIX MILLION DOLLARS=29  I got your contact information from your Chamber of Commerce and I decided to contact you=2E

Sometime ago=2C a contract was awarded by my Corporation=2C =5BMPMR=5D to a Russian contractor Late Mr=2E Ziya Bazhayev a Russian big time Oil dealer=2C to supply equipments to the Emirates Petroleum Products Company =28EPPCO=29 This contract was over invoiced by me to the tune of US$26 Million {Twenty Six Million United States Dollars=29=2E I reached a compromise with the late Mr=2E Ziya Bazhayev to transfer the fund into a seperate Foreign bank account for me=2C but unfortunately he died in the plane crash of Yak-40 jetliner on March 9=2C 2000=2E  You will read news about the plane crash on thses sites=2C http=3A=2F=2Fwww=2Eamarillonet=2Ecom=2Fstories=2F031500=2Fusn=5FLA0703=2E001=2Eshtml and http=3A=2F=2Fnews=2E1chinastar=2Ecom=2Fll=2Fenglish=2F61934=2Eshtml

Now that the complete contract sum has been approved for payment=2C I need a trustworthy foreigner who I shall present as a contractor to my Ministry and the over-invoiced contract sum will be paid to him=2E  Based on my status as senior government official in a top sensitive position of trust=2C I cannot stand to claim this money myself without the assistance of a foreigner=2E The process will not require your presence here in UAE and I guarantee that this transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law=2E

I intend to share the money in the following manner=3A 35% for you=2C 65% for me=2E Contact me immediately if you are interested for further details=2E  I shall first approve 50% of the contract sum and if everything works out fine=2C I received my share without any problem=2C then you shall apply for transfer the remaining 50%=2E  I look forward to a fruitful business relationship with you and your urgent response=2E

Best Regards=2C

Mr=2E Ahmed Musa=2E

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