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Have you ever benefited from high quality software development for 
as low as $10 per hour? 

The SolKeys Company offers you to take advantage of cost-effective, 
yet profit-generating software and web applications. Ordering custom 
programming services with SolKeys for $10 per hour, you receive the 
following benefits: 
- Professional custom programming services; 
- Skilled and experienced development team; 
- Low costs of projects; 
- Reliable customer support 

Love your business? 

Make it a present: get online with it. We, at put our souls 
into the seemingly lifeless software development projects. Here lies the 
formula of robust solutions for your business. 

We specialize in: 

1. Software Development 
- C/C++ (Standalone Applications, Network Programming, Math methods in
programming, Custom CAD Systems, Anti-Spam filters, H323 Conferencing
Applications, Remote Desktop Control System, Graphics/OpenGL/OpenInventor) 
- C#/VB.NET (Standalone Applications for .NET framework, Component
- Java (Java1/2, Swing/AWT, XML/XSLT/XPath, JMF, JCE, RMI) 

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2. Web Application Development 
- Server- side programming (. NET / ASP / JSP / PHP / Perl / CFML) 
- Database design (Oracle / MS SQL / PostgreSQL / MySQL) 
- Java: Applets; Servlets; JSP 
- Basic HTML: Coding; Make- up 
- JavaScript: GUI components; Interactive user interface. 

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3. Web Site Design 
- Web design 
- Simple 3D modeling 
- Flash animation (ambient, intros) 
- Print design 
- Template design 

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and many more. 

Interested? For more information, please go to
Or contact us: info at[4] 

Best regards, 
Slobodan Boska 
info at[5] 

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