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Issue 34 
 Featured Articles
- Do Not Delay on Getting on Track
We know your job or a good job is important to you! We also know that today's definition of a career has changed from a "climb the corporate ladder" mentality to "must take control" of your own destiny.

- Tapping Into Your Genius
Imagine the world's most valuable resource at your command, at all times. This resource is more powerful than any super computer in the world. This amazing resource is your brain. 

- 10 Non-Business Strategies for Business Success
1. You are separate from your business.
Very often entrepreneurs, professional practitioners and small business owners are so absorbed by their work that they are unable to differentiate between their job and themselves, between their work and their lives. Remember that your business is the means to achieving the goals in your life; it is not your life. 
- Time Can't Be Managed
How many time management courses and books are there in this world? I checked with Amazon and found 5086 listings! [readon] 
- Managers, Start Your PR
There'll never be a better time for a manager working for a business, non-profit or association to ask this question: "Am I getting the public relations results I'm paying for -- the really important external audience behaviors I need to achieve my department, division or subsidiary objectives?"

- More articles on Job Seeker's corner.

 Hot Jobs 
- Institutional Client Service Manager (VP) (Tokyo)
- VP - Regional DCM (Singapore)
- Derivative Marketer (Taiwan)
- Corporate Banking - Real Estate (AVP) (Singapore)
- IR Derivative Structurer/Marketer (Singapore)
- Fixed Income Sales, China (Hong Kong)
- Credit Risk Analyst for Greater China (Hong Kong)
- Senior Solution Sales - Banking (Tokyo)
- Senior Manager - Trust Administration (Singapore)
- Logistics / PSI (Tokyo)
- Pre-sales Engineer (Beijing)
- Contract Supervisor (Beijing)
- Field Quality Director (Beijing)
- Senior Product Manager (Shanghai)
- More Hot Jobs...
 Star Recruiters - click on them to view openings
- AEA Technology Consulting Pte Ltd
- Bioprocessing Technology Centre (A-STAR)
- Sumiko Leadframe Singapore Pte Ltd
- Blade Advertising Pte Ltd
- Marco Polo Hotel Group
- Wafer Systems (Hong Kong) Limited
- FP Marine Risks Limited
- AVION Pemas Company Limited 

-Shanghai, 25 November
-Beijing, 27 November

This annual conference organised by Euro Events covers QFII, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securitisation DCM and ECM Opportunities, Joint Venture Funds in China and STP etc. More details...

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