INN 2.4.0

mailadmin mailadmin at
Sat Oct 4 05:07:25 UTC 2003

Hi out there

3 Days ago I installed INN 2.4.0 and it is still not possible to receive any
articles with Client Outlook Express 6.
I'm using tradspool but I also attempted with cnfs and timehash - it did not
I can see all groups and a number beside how many articles are unread, the
articles itself are not visible.
The Outlook Client configuration is ok, I can read from other news servers.
The file active, access rights, INN-database structure and the spool
environment with articles and overview seems ok.
It is just a local news-server without a direct news feed.
Mozilla news-client under Win32 and under Linux works perfect, tests with
telnet are successfully.

Now I reached the end of the line. I attempted to get any available
informations on the net but could not find any answer.
My suspicion is that it could be a problem with crlf, but I am not sure
about it.
Do you know this problem ? Maybe you can give me any help to go on.

Thank you


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