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The Amazing Jack Rabbit Vibrato= r - The Best Orgasms Ever 


Find out why Charlotte o= f Sex and the City became obsessed and find out
whyit's the world's most f= amous, unique, and amazing sex toy. The shaft
andhead of the jackrabbit is made of a bri= ght pink, pliant jelly that is
inserted into the vagina. The tip is realist= ically sculpted to mimic the
head of the male penis. 

The shaft and head rotate either to= the right or left. The distinguishing
feature of the jackrabbit is the rot= ating chamber of beads, or "pearls,"
inthe base of the shaft. 

These beads rotat= e and tumble against each other, creating extra movement
and wonderful plea= surable sensations at the sensitive base of the vagina. 

In addition to the rotating shaft and the tumbling beads, = a vibrating
"rabbit" attached to the shaft simultaneously stimula= tes the clitoris
causing intense, multiple orgasms. 

All of these elements have separate controls an= d varying speeds so that
youcan customize your experience every time and e= xperience the most
amazingorgasms (and we mean more than one) ever!= 

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The Amazing Jack Rabbit Vibrator[2] 

Ps. Your privacy is always protected: The Jack = Rabbit Vibrator is
discreetly packaged and billed.     To purge your email address from= our
database, go = Here[3]             = tpzeczfvvhiapzs zkoopw grhosouhscv

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