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Parbet European Betting Exchange [IMG][1][IMG][2]PARBET is a betting service
offering a betting exchange instead of a traditional bookmaker service. 

PARBET acts as a broker and provides the technology to match bets placed by

The PARBET marketplace gives the bettors an opportunity to buy and sell
results on sports events. 

This marketplace works like a stock market, with dynamic pricing and full

The difference is that the underlying object that you buy and sell is the
outcome of a sports event and not a stock like Ericsson or Nokia. 

The goal is to become the natural choice for serious bettors worldwide. 


  You can both offer and take bets of your choice. You will take positions
against other bettors and not professional bookmakers.

As a marketplace, the company will take no positions on the events. This
guarantees impartiality, making the site a credible source for sports

The vision is to educate, entertain and given the bettors a fair deal. 

Parbet accepts wagers on a wide array of sports world wide. You can either
bethe bookie or place your wager against another player. 

Click on either of the banners to give us a visit. To register, simply click
on register on the left hand side of our main page. 


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