MALCOM TUTU macontu_3w at
Mon Oct 27 10:10:57 UTC 2003

From: Mr. Malcom Tutu(chief auditor)
155 president street, Johannesbourg,
South Africa.
Tel: +874-762919-885.

Dear Sir,

Though I know that a transaction of this magnitude will make any one apprehensive and worried, but I am assuring you that everything will be well at the end of the day. We have decided to contact you due to the urgency  of  this transaction. I got your email address while searching for trustworthy  individual.

I am an auditor with NEDCREDIT BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA. During my work with the bank I came across the financial record of late Engr. Peter Claude a foreign national. When  reading further I was made to understand that he have $30,800,000.00 (Thirty million eight  hundred thousand US dollars) floating in the suspense account of the Bank without any body  claiming it. Now I made more investigation on this record and found out that late Engr. Peter 
died with the members of his family died in a plane crash. I continued the investigation to see if I can locate any member of his family but none was found.  Now, since this money is still there in the bank and nobody is coming to claim it, The 
Management under the influence of our Chairman and Members of the Board of Directors, that arrangement has been made for the fund to be decleared "Unclaimed" and subsequentlly be donated to the trust fund for arms and ammunition to further enhance the course of War in  Africa and the World in General.. This is totally a wrong idea; it is not good for the world. In  the light of the above, since I am the only person that knows the details of this record, I made  a plan on how we will get this fund out of the country, and for this fund to move out of the country I need you as a foreigner to play an important role. Now, your role is that I will  arrange for a close confidant Attorney who will draft an application that you will send to the  bank as a next of kin to Engr. Peter Claude with your account details where the fund will be 

Furthermore, to back-up this application the Attorney will also get some legal  document that will evidence you as a distance cousin to Engr. Peter, so that the bank will not ask you any question on your application. Also, I will need you to send me your full detail, that is, your full name and address, your occupation, your nationality, religion, age and your 
contact telephone / fax number for easy communication. Please, know that the attorney will need this so that he will be able to get the documents in your name as the next of kin. 

Finally, after the successful transfer of this fund to your account, I will make arrangement to come to your country so that we can share the fund, Your share will be 30% of the total sum while 10% will be set aside for any expences incured during the cours of transaction, The rest of 60% will be for myself. Do accept my warm regards as I await response. My alternative email address is macontu_p4w at, and this should be kept confidentail.


Malcom Tutu.

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