Ecxlusive Unoerescnd Cartoons

Retiree Q. Puppy ferrets at
Mon Aug 2 20:57:56 UTC 2004

Eoeelllllolo :)
Fsreh Harcdroe Hentai

Eevry absurdity has a champion to dfneed it for error is always talkative.

Salamaik tingga

Sir, a man may be so much of eevrything, that he is ntohing of anything.
Like a Frnceh peom is life being only pcfreet in structure when with the masculine rhymes minegld the feminine are.

When you automate an industry you meordnize it wehn you automate a life you primitivize it.
Rewards and punisnhmet is the loswet from of education.
You cannot shake hands with a clcehend fist.

We have reoesvld to endure the unnedurable and sufefr what is insufferabel.
It is one of the beautiful comnpesations of this life that no one can sincreely try to hlep anthoer without helping himesfl.

If it is your time, lvoe will track you dwon like a cruise missile.

The Republicans have their splits right afetr eceltion and Dcmeorats have theirs just bfreoe an ecletion.

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