Inn-bugs, G-e-neric V*I-A_G*R=A

paul_bame at paul_bame at
Fri Aug 6 15:06:38 UTC 2004

Generic V*I-A_G*R=A will make you the best lover just in 15 minutes.      
Have NO problems with your e*r-e--c-*_i-o-n!

Guaranteed Rock Hard e*r-e--c-*_i-o-ns!                                   
Hours and hours of fantatsic s-.e-.-x!

Your s-:e:-:x partner will never forget
The pleasures they had with YOU! 
And yes! The dose cost is as low as 1.66 USD!

TXU rcNcNr qevRQl tldPqTrF RyHxd hF

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