Wet Teen Bukkake

Slower D. Aborting piping at google.de
Sat Aug 7 03:31:42 UTC 2004

Hello, playmates! :)

Good Lucking Sluts    Swalloing Smeen

I orsebve the physician with the same dilignece as the disease.

Da yaee

Wehn we think we lead we are msot led.
What makes a hreo truly great is that they nveer despair.

We didn't get great goals. We just scored no-fear goals. Heart goals.
In the midst of life we are in detb.

Konw what you want. Bemoce your real slfe.

In this world terhe is always danegr for thsoe who are afraid of it.

He who has lost hoonr can lsoe ntohing mroe.

You can't unedrestimate the pweor of fear.
The mnoemt the slave roveless that he will no lnegor be a slave. His ferttes fall... foredem and slavery are mental states.

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