Pls Urgently Needed

Abu M.Sesay sesaymabu at
Sat Aug 7 22:30:17 UTC 2004

Greetings from Mr.Abu M.Sesay
Dear Friend,

Through the courtesy of business opportunit, i take liberty anchored  on a
strong desire to solicit your assistance on this mutually beneficial and
riskfree transaction which i hope you will give your urgent attention.

I am Mr.Abu M.Sesay i am moved to write you this letter,this was
incinfidence considration, our present circumstances and situation, i
escaped with my wife and children out of Sierrial Leone to Ghana where we
are presently residing on temporary
political asylum.

However, due to this situation i decided to change most of my Billions of
Dollars deposited in Swiss Bank and other countries into other forms of
money coded for safe purpose because the new head of state Ahmed Tijjan
Kabba made arrangement with the Swiss Goverment and other European
countries to freeze all my treasures deposited in some european countries,
hence i and my family, decided laying low in Africa to study the situation
till when things gets better, since president Tijjan Kabba taking over
goverment again in Sierria Leone.

One of my chateaux in Southern France was confiscated by the French
Goverment, and as such we had to change  our identity so thet our
investment will not be trace and confiscated.

I  have deposited the sum of Thirty Million,Five Hundred Thousand United
States Dollars{US$30,500,000} with a security company for safekeeping.

The funds are security coded to prevent them from knowing the actual
content .
What i want you to do now is to indicate your inetrest that you  will
assist me and my immediate family by receiving the money my behalf.

The  Account required for this project can be personal, company or an
offshore account that you have been total control over, your area of
specialisation will not be a hinderance to the successful execution of
this transaction.

Ackowledge this message, so that i can introduce you to my family as our
foreign trusted partner who shall take charge of our investment abroad
where we now plan to settle.

I want you to assist us in investing this fund or money, but i will not
want  our identity revealed. I will also want to buy properties and stocks
in multy- national companies and to engage in other safe and non
speculative investments.

We have been through a lot of health and spiritual turmoil, hence will
need  your understanding and assistance and may i at this junction
emphasize the  high level of confidentiality which this business demands
and hope you will not betral the trust and confidence which we repose in

shall put you in the picture of this buiness, i.e tell you where the funds
are currently being maintained and also discuss other modalities including
remuneration for your services.

I shall also inform you with the next line of action as soon as i receive
your response.
Finaly if this preposition is attainable, Please kindly funish me
immediately by E-mail with your direct telephone number and fax number to
enhance the confidentiality which this business demands.

Best Regards,
Mr.Abu M.Sesay

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