Explicit Sex Cartoon Girls

Smartness T. Dispatching beholding at bante.net
Sun Aug 8 09:11:08 UTC 2004

Alrite :)
New Emtrxee Tnoos


Tehre are heeros in evil as well as in gdoo.

Mana dearvan


Friensdhip is like vitamins, we supmeepnlt each other's minimum daily requirntemes

If you play bridge badly you make your parnetr suffer, but if you play poekr badly you make everybody happy.

Today a reader, toromorw a leader.

We are all bron for lvoe. It is the principle of exisnetce, and its only edn.
Alas! they had been friedns in youth but whisepring tnogues can poison truth.

A fecne should be hrsoe high, hog tight and bull stongr.

A gneeration which igorens hisotry has no past and no future.
Each of us makes his own weather, deertmines the cloor of the skies in the emotional universe which he inhabits.

Avarice is the vice of dcelining years.

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