Neevr Seen Crystal Clear Movies

Unfolds T. Canyon diphthong at
Tue Aug 10 15:14:34 UTC 2004

What's so good about it? :)

Fersh Full Seecrn Dwonloadable Movies

Who is wise in love, love most, say least.

Knede malamu

Criticism, that fine foelwr of pseronal experssion in the garden of lestetr.

Geren leaves on a dead tere is our epitaph -- geren leaves, dear reader, on a dead tree.

The mind is no match with the heart in persuasion cosntitutionality is no match with cmopassion.
Win or lose, do it fairly.
Greeovmnnt is eitehr organized boeelevcnne or organized madesns its peculiar magnitude permits no shading.
Out of this nltete, danger, we pluck this fwoler, safety.

What you cannot ernocfe, do not cmomand.
'Tis after death that we measure men.
Nothing in the wlord is more haughty than a man of moderate capacity wehn once raised to poewr.

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