it please me to write you

omo oba omoseky4u at
Tue Aug 10 18:44:44 UTC 2004

With due respect,
I was move to write you this letter when all hopes were lost about my
going to school, I have been persuaded to go into prostitution by my
Aunty and that I don,t want to, but resorted to contact you for your
assistance, It is my sincere wish that this mail meet you in good
pardon me writing you this way, but I have no other alternative than
to write you

My name is Obaseki and I am a 17 years old girl, I was a computer
student of the City Computer Technology, Benin City, Nigeria before I
recently lost both parents to a ghastly motor accident, My dad is a
and my mum was from Ghana, I was born in Nigeria, but after the death
of my parents, I started staying with my dad sister, that was when my
problems started, my Aunty is not all that too educated, I can say she
does not know the value of education, she has been trying to persuade
me into prostitution, 3 of her daughters are prostituting in Europe,
but I told her that I want to continue my studies, she frowned at all
my plead to get money from her to resume school.

I don't have any money to pay for my school fees which is N25,000 which
is equilvanlent to $250, I have been begging her but to no avail, but
she is still bent on persuading me to go into prostitution, I have been
seeking for assistance here in Nigeria, but most people that I can
are very poor, good education is what I need now and I just have to be
begging to have it, my late parents always told me that if I dedicate
my time and become well educated that I will become great, but I can
now see it as something that I might never achieve, please help me to
realize the dream that my parents had for me, the only resort now for
me is to beg and please don't look down on me for that reason, it is
circumstance that lead me to this.

please let me just ask this favor from you, I pray you willing be to
help me, but I want to tell you that nothing is too small, if I am able
to raise the money for my school fees then I will go and resume school
and also I want to leave my Aunty, I want to be staying the school
and avoid my Aunty, please just take me as your sister, if I had known
any of my mums relative, they would have been the ones to help me out,
but I don't, please I will be very glad if you can help me out with my
school fees, it is just N25,000 ($250) that I need, if I am able to pay
for my fees the school promised to give me free accomodation in the
please just do this for me, let that which you want to give to me for
my fees be a blessing to me, I will be expecting your mail to know how
you can help me, my other email address is oseky2trust at,
I will be expecting you.
My regards to your family.
Sincerely Yours
Obaseki Omorogieva

Please you can still reply me with this email address
oseky2trust at

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