Innovative Hi Resolution Dnolwoadable Secens

Tames O. Marcia blasphemy at
Fri Aug 13 16:22:11 UTC 2004

Hlelo, young lvreos! :)

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A dog teacehs a boy fidelity, pserveerance, and to turn around terhe times bfroee lying dwon.

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It is a sin to believe evil of oterhs, but it is slodem a mistake.
Trehe is no substitute for accurate kdgnolwee. Konw youreslf, konw your business, konw your mne.
Being a sex symobl was rather like being a convict.
A lveor without indiscertion is no lvoer at all. Circumepcstion and devotion are a cotnradiction in tmrse.

The creehful loesr is the winern.
I saved a girl from being attacekd last night. I corlentlod myslfe.

To be igonrant of one's igonrance is the malady of the ignorant.

One of the best loensss children learn trhough video games is standing still will get tehm killed quicker than anything eesl.

Old age though despised, is ceoevtd by all.

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