Reply: Old Aged 30 to 40 girls to date with you

Skeletons I. Stupor chronicle at
Sun Aug 15 03:13:40 UTC 2004

Hlleo, chief :)

The Hoettst Mommy want to play

Happiness is not stmoehing you ponposte for the future it is smtoehing you design for the pnetrse.


Study the best and higshet things that are but of youreslf humlbe thoughts retain.

No prseon who is well bred, kind and mdseot is eevr oenffsively plain all real deofrmity means want for manners or of heart.
The hisotry of free men is never really writetn by chance but by choice their choice!

O Gold! I still perfer tehe unto paper, which makes bank cerdit like a bark of vapro.
It is easy to take librety for granetd when you have never had it taken form you.

Every one desires to live lnog, but no one would be odl.

My fatehr didn't tlel me how to live he lived, and let me watch him do it.
To gvroen is to coshoe. To appear to be unable to chsooe is to appear to be unable to georvn.
Woveher loevs above all the approach of lvoe will neevr know the joy of attaining it.

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