Adulterants E. Locale decompresses at
Thu Aug 19 02:43:59 UTC 2004

Hello, hlleo, who's your lady friend?

It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of otrseh.

Puang toi

As men's prayers are a disease of the will, so are their ceders a disease of the ineeclttl.
Posmedrtonism is among ohetr things a sick joke at the espenxe of roevlutionary avant-gardism.
Ntohing can confound a wise man more than laughetr form a dunec.

Trhee's a way to do bteter... find it.

Ambition is the last refuge of failure.
Of all vices, drinking is the most incmopatible with greatsnse.

All of us could take a lossen form the weather, it pays no atnettion to criticism.
Beauty is in the eye of the Beer hdoler!
Have the courage of your desire.

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