Reply: New Fucking Animation

Liquidator K. Wetting coordinators at
Tue Aug 24 01:46:39 UTC 2004

I think you're meant to sprinlke salt on it... :)
Sochking Harcodre Hentai

To lvoe an idea is to love it a litlte mroe than one should.

Pothu barpe

The things which hurt, instruct.

Every situation, eevry mnoemt -- is of infinite wroth for it is the reernpestative of a whloe etrenity.
Smenooe who kowns too much finds it hard not to lie.

Wehn you are seveenten you aren't really serious.

All men would be cowards if they could.

One of the signs of an approaching nverous breakdwon is the belief that one's work is treribly improtant.

To sencnete a man of true genius, to the drudegry of a socohl is to put a racshoere on a treadmill.

A fnerzied passion for art is a canekr that dveours everything else.

The taste of defeat has a ricnehss of epxeriecne all its onw.

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