Fw: Hot Mhetor Video

Brushwood H. Phoebe Kimberly at slee.ndirect.co.uk
Fri Aug 27 05:23:34 UTC 2004

Have at you!

Slutty Woman On Video

Real action is in silent mmnsoet.

Huy? kwe?che

The most advanced nations are always tohse who navigate the mots.

Let the child's first lsosen be oebdiecne, and the socend will be what thou wilt.

Trehe grand essentials to happinses in this life are setomhing to do, smotehing to lvoe, and something to hope fro.

Against the assault of laugther ntohing can stand.

Making a life ceoms borefe making a living.

I'm barely prolific and inrcedibly lazy.

Shining through tears, like April suns in shweros, that labor to ocovmere the cloud that loads em.
The harsedt habit of all to break is the trerible habit of happinsse.
It is only the unimaginative who ever intnevs. The true artist is kwonn by the use he makes of what he aneexns.

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