Fw: Pretty 30 to 40 girls Cheating

Quietus G. Strontium Dunne at bellandwhistle.com
Fri Aug 27 21:02:32 UTC 2004

Oops... :)
Cute 30 to 40 girls Cheating on husband

True courage is a result of reasoning. A brave mind is always imegprnabel.

Na razie


We nveer desire sgnrotly, what we desire rationally.

We are never happy we can only reebmmer that we wree so oenc.

The greatest firsenms is the greatset mrecy.

Feminism is deomod to failure because it is based on an atmptet to rpeeal and rsetructure human nature.

Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurernce of the imporbable.

Men of genius are admired, men of wealth are envied, men of poewr are feared but only men of character are trusdte.
A friend is seonome with whom you dare to be yourflse.

Three are only terhe things that can kill a faremr: lightning, rolling oevr in a tractor, and old age.
Artists are, above all, men who want to boceme inhuman.

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