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:FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: :The Stock Insider Says: Strong Buy On SGYS! 


Synergy Software Development Inc.

Current Ask: $.003 
OutStanding Shares: 400Million 
10 Day Average Daily Volume: 161,752
Estimated Float: 24,173,455
If you are a beginning investor, experienced or Day Trader you'll want to
read our latest Research Report on Synergy Software Development Inc.,

The Company: 

Located in Boca Raton, FL, Synergy Software Development Inc. is a secure
applications software development business specializing in healthcare and
other niche technologies. Synergy’s advanced clinical information
technology was developed specifically for use by hospitals, physician
groups,private practitioners and other healthcare providers. SGYS created
thefirst enterprise management software for the Internet and is a proven
leader in providing security over all types of network and infrastructure
systems. Synergy’s development partners include: Sun Microsystems,
Netscape, Microsoft, RSA, IBM and Silicon Graphics. 

The Opportunity: 

Fueled by skyrocketing administrative costs, the need to comply with
government mandates and regulations and the rising demand for Internet
portals have created an unique opportunity for SGYS to capitalize on its

Pressure by health insurers, employers and government payers to control
rising costs while improving access to quality care is causing a dramatic
shift in the industry. Industry analysis shows that market pressures created
by federal mandates under the Health Information Portability and
Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, concerns about fraud enforcement and
health plan accreditation programs are increasing demand for secure
electronic information management and exchange technologies. The compliance
costs for health care organizations are substantial and are driving demand
for IT outsourcing solutions. SGYS’s management believes that the huge
demand for new healthcare support solutions coupled with the movement toward
Internet technology places Synergy in an ideal place at the right time. 

Healthcare is behind every other industry on migrating to the Internet and
itis 1/7th of our entire economy. Synergy’s strategy can provide
accessto over 20 million covered lives and 200,000 physicians. Management
will be constantly challenged to attract new members and exploit all
value-added revenue opportunities. 


Business Philosophy: 

SGYS’s business philosophy is based on a service-oriented,
user-friendly approach that is unobtrusive to an organization. SGYS develops
highly advanced clinical information and network security applications based
on Internet technologies. SGYS’s business strategies are simple yet
Provide healthcare communities with inexpensive and secure, encounter-driven
clinical, financial and administrative tools that improve practice
workflows,reduce administrative costs, improve the quality of patient care
and save practitioners and their staff money on commonly purchased practice
related goods and services. 
Acquire or develop strategic alliances
Using Synergy products to support its’ clients’ clinical and
financial operations. 
Aggressive direct and indirect marketing strategies 


Recent News and Developments

SGYS signed a Stock Exchange Agreement with Medical Transcription Services.
SGYS will continue to offer stock exchange agreements to existing companies
to grow and meet the demands of the healthcare community. By combining
advanced technologies with acquisitions of other profitable technology
companies, SGYS is positioning itself as an industry leader.

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lksbv yasyg tkjoa cqjfk jydrg deejy ajgbc “The incorporation of
SGYS&rsqus exclusive healthcare product lines will enhance the existing
revenue of Medical Transcription Services. This merger will enable Synergy
Software Development to implement Synergy’s healthcare products in
existing clients of Medical Transcription Services.” states Philip
Scanlon CEO of Medical Transcription Services. 

“Our goal is to provide doctor’s with all the tools they need to
make their practices more profitable, by Synergy acquiring these tools,
doctors will work less, spend more time with their patients and make more
money” states Dr. Todd Hanson CEO of Synergy Software Development. 


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