sasl.conf: Possible bad man-page and sample

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Dec 19 20:53:55 UTC 2004

Felix E Klee <felix.klee at> writes:

> two possible bugs concerning nnrp over SSL (INN 2.4.1):

> 1. man page sasl.conf(5):

>    In the key certificate creation example, the parameter "-keyout
>    /usr/local/news/lib/cert.pem" should be replaced by -keyout
>    /usr/local/news/lib/key.pem".  Also, in addition, the paths should be
>    matched with those in the sample sasl.conf.  The chown- and
>    chmod-lines should also be adapted.

Thanks, fixed.

> 2. Sample /etc/news/sasl.conf:

>    Also, the line
>    tls_key_file:           /usr/lib/news/lib/cert.pem

>    should be replaced by

>    tls_key_file:           /usr/lib/news/lib/key.pem

Thanks, fixed.

> BTW, it would also be nice if there were a little tutorial for setting
> up SSL support for INN.  For example, it took me quite some time to
> figure out how to set up inetd.  Here's what I currently have in my
> inetd.conf:

I've added something to the nnrpd man page in CVS.

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