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Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Dec 23 18:33:51 UTC 2004

Martin Stransky <stransky at> writes:

> Hello,
> there are two patches for inn 2.4.1. Related bugs are:


The first bug here has already been fixed in CVS and will be in the
forthcoming 2.4.2 release (which should be out today).  The second turns
out to be harmless (that code is unreachable unless SASL is used) but
definitely not clean or clear; I'll rework it.  That won't make it into
2.4.2, however.


This one missed the 2.4.2 cutoff, but will be fixed in CVS and will be in
the next release.

> Please, give me hint, if you will fix this bugs better. We have more
> patches for inn, but IMHO there depend on our distro.

Always interested in any patches that you think would be suitable
upstream!  I've been meaning for some time to modify INN to make it easier
to install in an FHS-compliant manner, but haven't as yet had the time.

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