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 Aquire a perfect list of prospects for your business... t dvveemyjv

Through World Data Corporation you have access to the largest demographic
database of potential consumers and businesses in the WORLD. 


We make it easy for you. Simply define your target market with highly
descriptive key words and phrases and we will build you the perfect targeted
email list. 


Experience has proven a truly targeted email list of prospects can be up to
1000 times more responsive to your campaign compared to an untargeted list. 


Our lists are exclusive to our clients and are not available through any
other source. 


Our lists are filtered through a national remove list (Do not mail list)
thenverified for deliverability.  You will always be assured a fresh clean


If you lack the resources or technology to send your list you are in luck.
AtWorld Data Corporation you have options. 


Additional services are as follows: 


Email List sending services 

Email List deliverability verification 

List Management services 
  * National remove list cleaning 
    * Unsubscribe and complainer removal service 
    * Bounce-back sorting and categorizing 
      * Auto-replies (filed separately) 
      * Non-existent domains (removed) 
      * Suspended mailboxes (removed) 
      * Over quota mailboxes (filed separately)
Note: If you do not wish to advertise a website we can provide you with an
automated toll free telephone message center to go with your email campaign.

You can speak with a representative about all of our available service
packages by calling the following toll-free number: 1.866.662.3388 




To unsubscribe simply reply to this email with the subject "unsubscribe"k
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or call: 1-866-457-8755 World Data Corporationq yuntsnzy glr
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