A letter for Valentine's

cyberangel at tm.net.my cyberangel at tm.net.my
Sun Feb 15 06:04:00 UTC 2004

I am writing to say how much I care for you and to say how much
I want you to know me better. When you awake this morning I 
exploded a brilliant sunrise through your window hoping to get your
attention, but you rushed off without even noticing.

Later I noticed you were walking with some friends, so I bathed
you in warm sunshine and perfumed the air with nature's sweet
scent, and still you didn't notice me. As you passed by I shouted
to you in a thunderstorm and painted a beautiful rainbow in the 
sky and you didn't even look.

In the evening I spilled moonlight onto your face and sent a cool
breeze to rest you. As you slept I watched over you and shared 
your thought, but you were unaware that I was so near.

I have chosen you and hope you will talk to me soon. Until then
I will remain near. I am your friend and love you very much.

Your friend,


A love message by cyberangel from cybergoodnews
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