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Grace Boateng g_boateng at kaixo.com
Tue Feb 24 15:20:45 UTC 2004

Dear =2C
Good day!!=2E
Compliments of the day and my best wishes to you and family!!!=2E

I know this letter will come to you surprisingly but let it not be a surprise to you=2C for nature has a way of arriving unannouced and an adage says =22originals are very hard to find but their echo sounds louder=22=2E So=2C I decided to contact you myself for you to assure me of safety and honesty if I have to entrust any amount of money under your custody=2E

I am mrs grace boateng=2C wife of late Dr=2E Richard Boateng who was the minister of finance in Sierra leone but was killed during the civil war=2E

Knowing your country as being economical condusive for
investment and your people as transperant and rustworthy to engage in business on which premise I write you=2E

Before my husband's death=2C he had the sum of twenty-three million united states dollars us$23=2C000=2C000=2E00=29 which he kept away from the rebel leaders during the course of the war=2E this fund was supposed to be used for rehabilitation of water reserves all over the country before the outbreak of war=2E when the war broke out=2C the rebel leader demanded that this fund be given to him=2C my husband insisted that the money was not in his possesion but he was killed because of his refusal to release the fund=2E

Meanwhile i am the only person who knows about this fund=2Cbecause my husband always confide in me=2E I quickly made an arrangemnt with a red cross rellief worker who used his official van to move this money to lungi airport in freetown=2C although he did not know the real content of the box=2E The fund was deposited as a family treasure with a safe relaible security company in Dakar senegel where I was
only given temporary asylum=2E I do not want to invest this money in senegel due to unfavourable economic climate and nearness to my country=2E As a result=2C I still kept this money also for security reasons as the present administration is investigating the existence of such fund of which I denied knowledge of it=2C claiming that my husband did not tell me about such money=2E

The only assistance I need from you which i believe you would do for me are the following=3A

1=2E Assist me invest this money in your country

2=2E Assure me that you will not sit on my share when this fund gets to your country=2E

You will have 15% of the money for yourself as you guide me further to invest the remaining 80% in any viable business venture while 5% is earmarked to cover expenses contingencies=2E

Most importantly=2C i will like to buy a personal house where i and my children will reside=2E

Upon confirmation of your interest to help me as my foreign partner to invest this money=2C i will tell you
when the details of this transaction to be scheduled in your favour by the security company=2E

While thanking you for your anticipated understanding and cooperation=2C I look forward to your urgent response=2E

please note that this transaction is strictly confidential and must be treated with utmost secrecy=2E

Best regards=2C

Mrs=2E Grace Boateng=2E

Please you can contact me on this E-mail  g=5Fboateng=40myway=2Ecom

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