inn-bugs: CIA.L1S works in as 1ittle as 30 mlnutes and 1asts for up to 36 h0urs.

Jeorge Resendez inn-bugsinn-bugs at USA.NET
Sat Feb 28 09:36:36 UTC 2004

CIA.LIS Is Taken About Half An H0ur Before Any Sexua1l Act1vity Begins! 
1: Overa1l Erectl1e Funct10n! 
2: Abillty To Ach1eve Erections Sufflc1ent For Vagina1 Penetratl0n. 
3: Ab1lity To Malnta1n Erections For Successfu1 Sexual Interc0urse. 
4: Satlsfact1on With Sexua1 Interc0urse. 
5: Satisfactlon With The Hardness Of Erect10ns. 
6: Confidence In Abll1ty To Achieve And Malnta1n An Erecti0n! 
7: Part`ners' Satlsfact1on With Sex`ua1 Interc0urse . 

Please Vislt our We6`S1te: C`l`i`c`k H`e`r`e[1]



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