Newsletter January 2004

Lourdes Park pe006tgq at
Wed Jan 21 09:34:11 UTC 2004

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Boost Reception and Call Quality on any Cell Phone! <BR>Enhance your cellu=
lar phone's signal and reduce static<br>with this easy to install Internal=
 Antenna.<br> Stop worrying about dropping important calls or loosing<br> =
reception in elevators or tunnels. This amazing little<br>antenna works on=
 analog, digital, tri-band phones, beepers,<br>walkie-talkies, PDA's and t=
wo-way radios. <br><a href=3D"
biz/cgi-bin/clickthru.cgi?id=3Dm3ghr40">Boost it right Here</a><br><br></p=


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