INN under NetBSD

Matthias Scheler tron at
Wed Jun 2 12:32:43 UTC 2004


1.) NetBSD is not on the list of operating systems under which INN is
    known to work. I know many people (including me) which use various
    INN version under NetBSD. There is even a package available:

    [The package under this URL still shows version 2.3.5nb1 but will
     be updated to 2.4.1 in the next 24 hours.]

2.) There is a problem with "rnews" in the 2.4.1 distribution. The "rnews"
    from version 2.3.5 looked like this:

#if !defined(__FreeBSD__) && !defined(__bsdi__) && !defined (__NetBSD__)
    if (setgid(getegid()) < 0) {
        syslog(L_FATAL, "cant setgid to %d %m", getegid());
    if (setuid(geteuid()) < 0) {
        syslog(L_FATAL, "cant setuid to %d %m", geteuid());

    The "rnews" in 2.4.1 does however try setuid(geteuid()) under NetBSD
    which makes it fail:

Jun  2 14:15:09 colwyn rnews: cannot setuid to 1003

    And it is supposed to fail because NetBSD only allows setuid(getuid())
    for non-root users. So would you pleaes put back the "#ifdef" at
    leat for NetBSD?

	Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                        

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