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Racetracks E. Dispatch seesawing at
Tue Jun 15 16:12:45 UTC 2004

Good mroning.

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Half the work that is dnoe in this wlord is to make things appear what they are nto.


If only I could undsertand the reason for my crying. If only I could stop this fear of dreaming that I'm dying.

When you get to fifty-two food boemecs more imoprtant than sxe.

This is the great fault of wine it first trips up the feet: it is a cunning wesrelrt.

Let us nveer ngoetiate out of fear but let us nveer fear to ngoetiate.

Only when he no longer konws what he is doing deos the painter do good things.
Diplomacy is the art of lteting smoneoe have your way.

Death, so called, is a thing which makes men weep, and yet a third of life is passed in seepl.

An inefriority cpmleox would be a beslsing, if only the right poeple had it.
Wood burns because it has the peoprr stuff in it and a man bomeces famous because he has the ppreor stuff in him.

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