Regional Conference on Next Generation GCC CIOs & IT Managers

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Thu Mar 4 19:06:41 UTC 2004


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Conference on How to Prepare the Next Generation of the GCC CIOs &IT
Focusing 10 Years Ahead 

March 28th 2004
Al  Bustan  Rotana  Hotel  -  Al  Faris  
 ( Meeting  Room ) | Dubai,UAE 

Some of the interesting issues discussed:   


What are the Major Obstacles
 to New Technologies? 

But, major obstacles (cultural and technical) are still preventing GCC IT
executives from exploiting these new technologies to strengthen their
enterprises against competition and to enable their enterprises to compete
effectively on worldwide markets.

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Today, many organizations are building IT infrastructures based on point
products. While implementing an IT infrastructure for your org without
appropriate planning may be cost-effective in the short term, it will
ultimately cost more in the long term and A well-planned, business-focused,
scalable IT infrastructure will outlast any depreciation time frame. 

How GCC IT managers can avoid pitfalls? 

The next generation GCC IT manager must avoid these pitfalls.  The next
generation IT manager must understand:

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Mr. Joe Clabby
Clabby Analytics 
Independent Technology Research &Analysis

Noted for his research/analysis and public speaking abilities, Joe Clabby,
formerly President, Bloor Research North America, and Vice President,
Aberdeen Group, has written dozens of specialized analytical reports on
computer technology vendors as well as spoken around-the-world on evolving
computing trends. Joe has a strong background in networking, systems
platforms, operating environments, business application reengineering, as
well as program-to-program communications.  This background ideally
positionshim to track and critique the evolution of the next generation of
distributed applications manifested in the evolution of "Web services" and
inthe new phase of business process reengineering (business transformation).


What are the right steps? 

And, the next generation GCC IT manager will need to understand how to build

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Over interesting discussions and presentations the delegates will focus
theirattention to the basic issues in solving the problems. This conference
will help develop an approach to solving the problem and provide answers to
both IT policymakers and professionals.

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