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A Titanic Truth 
     In April 14, 1912, the well known man-made ship, the Titanic sailed=
 swiftly on the bitterly cold ocean waters heading unknowingly into the =
pages of history.  On board this luxurious ocean liner were many rich an=
d famous people. At 11:40 pm that night, an iceberg scrapped the ship's =
starboard side, showering the decks with ice and ripping open six watert=
ight compartments.  The sea water poured in and the ship began to sink. =

     On board the ship that night was John Harper and his much-beloved s=
ix-year-old daughter, Nana.  According to documented reports, as soon as=
 it was apparent that the ship was going to sink, John Harper immediatel=
y took his daughter to a lifeboat.  It is reasonable to assume that John=
 could have easily gotten on board the life boat to safety; however, it =
never seemed to have crossed his mind. He bent down and kissed his preci=
ous little girl; looking into her  eyes he told her that she would see h=
im someday. 
     The flares going off in the dark sky above reflected the tears on h=
is face as he turned and  headed towards the crowd of desperate humanity=
 on the sinking ship.  As the rear of the huge ship began to lurch upwar=
ds, it was  reported that Harper was seen making his way up the deck yel=
ling,  =93Women, children, and unsaved into the lifeboats !=94  It was o=
nly minutes later that the Titanic was literally breaking in half. At th=
is point, many people jumped off the decks and into the icy, dark waters=
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