wmoen will love yuo!!!!

Jarvis Gaines nyowbqjjq at videotron.ca
Sun Mar 14 15:08:14 UTC 2004

                                    Are You Ready To Save Big On Your Cabl=
e Bill?
If your tired of paying for Pay-Per View Movies, Adult Movies, Sporting Ev=
ents, or Movie Channels than this product is for you! The Enhanced, 4th Ge=
neration Digital Cable Decrambler will not only enhance the quality of you=
r signal, but will get you each of the above services for Free! This produ=
ct makes for the perfect Christmas gift and is now at an unbeatable price =
of only $60.00 per filter. We also ship anywhere in the world and offer th=
e best warranty on the market! If this product ever breaks in any way, sha=
pe, or form, we will gladly exchange it for you! Get this 4th Generation C=
able Filter Now While Supplies Last!

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