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Mon Mar 22 16:30:30 UTC 2004


LodgingAds[1] is a fast loading, easy to use, distraction free online
directory for the lodgings industry. All accommodation types are represented
and new lodgings are posted daily. This is the first and only lodging
directory to provide for "local" International listings without any bias. 

Visit www.LodgingAds.com[2] and see for yourself how valuable your directory
listing on the directory can be. 

As a USA Network 2000, Inc. on-line resource  www.LodgingAds.com[3] enjoys
daily traffic in excess of 34,000 unique visitors. Sponsored links on Google
and other top search engines ensure that the site performs for you. 

If you would like to be omitted from future messages about the
AppraiserNamesdirectory go to www.USANetwork2000.com/members[4] and follow
the short removal procedure. Replies to this message are not monitored.


--- Links ---
   1 http://www.lodgingads.com
   2 http://www.LodgingAds.com
   3 http://www.LodgingAds.com
   4 http://www.USANetwork2000.com/members

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