Datamatix, Organizers of the Middle East CEO of the Year Awards Announces Winners for the Year 2004

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The Middle East CEO of the Year Awards -2004
March 28, 2004 | Al Falak Ballroom Burj Al Arab | Dubai, UAE
Recognizing Leaders from Business and Government . 


One of the greatest risks for the new age CEO is when he adapts to an
easygoing mindset and becomes too comfortable, almost complacent. 

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     FOR  CEO'S 

It is true that CEOs walk away with all the glorious praise and sunshine
during the sunny days of the company and it goes without saying that it
theirvery head that is on the roll when an ambitious project back fires. 

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    LOOK FOR?              

If you are a leader (read CEO) and you have had to re-orientate an
organization, find a new path and develop a road map to the future and put a
vision in place, you have to change cultures and align around key strategic
goals, and then all of these skill sets apply anywhere.
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As CEO, your job is one of leadership and one of integrating where you want
to go as an organization. 


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Datamatix, Organizers of the Middle East CEO of the Year Awards Announces
Winners for the Year 2004 


Middle East CEO of the Year
GOVERNMENT SECTOR H.E. Lt. General, Dhahi Khalfan Tamim
Commandant General, Dubai Police Head Quarters | Dubai, UAE 



Middle East CEO of the Year
BUSINESS SECTOR Mr. Mubarak Bin Fahad, 
Director General
Dubai World Trade Centre Mr. Selim El Zyr
President and CEO
Rotana Group of Hotels &Resorts 

 Dubai (March 28, 2004) – Datamatix, the organizers of the Middle East CEO
ofthe Year Awards, has announced the names of the recipients of its Middle
east CEO of the Year Awards. 


The award honors CEO-Level professionals from the Middle East who have made
exceptional career achievements in taking their organization’s goals to the
greatest heights.  The Middle East CEO of the Year Awards were presented by
BMW Middle East and sponsored by Shell Middle East &Dubai Airport Free Zone
Authority (DAFZA). 


The awards were presented in the presence of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan
binMubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Higher Education and His Highness
Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai
Technology and Media Free Zone Authority. Each of the winners was presented
with the awards trophy specially designed by the renowned Middle East
crystalmakers, The Crystal Arc. 

Speaking about the awards and the selection process in his welcome address,
Mr. Ali Al Kamali, Chairman of the Awards Organizing Committee said “The
awards recognize and support our business and government leaders, who
deservethis honor and our appreciation for their achievements and
initiatives; both locally and worldwide which play a big role in offering
services to support the new economy and technology developments.  Their
contribution is all the more relevant at this time when the world is faced
with big challenges and under the successful vision of our leaders; we are
planning for the right path to a successful future. The Award Winners were
selected based on the depth and impact of their contribution, the broadness
of that impact, and their demonstrated leadership and initiative. 
Nominations for the awards were from all over the Middle East, with over 300
entries from CEOs, Presidents, Managing Directors and other CEO Level


The judge’s panel was headed by Dr. Akram Yosri, Professor of Information
Systems New York University US.  Mr. Joe Clabby, President of Clabby
Analytics Boston US and Mr. Neek Alyani Director of Tehran Business
Associates, were other prominent members of the panel.  



His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Higher
Education, H.E. Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Commander in Chief of Dubai
Police with other Leading Dignataries 

His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Higher
Education, His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,
Chairman of the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority. and Mr. Ali
Al Kamail, Managing Director, Datamatix 

The winners of the Middle East CEO of the Year Awards are: 

Middle East CEO of the Year – Government Sector 

H.E. Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Commander in Chief of Dubai Police.

The Award recommendation for Lt. Gen Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, says, “Dubai
Policebegan as a small organization with a small core of bright young men
armed with courage and tradition wisdom and an open mind to learn and adapt
to the best. 


All that they needed was a leadership, who could understand the need and act
on it. Assessing the needs of the nation, its leaders planned for a strong
and sound foundation to this organization. They planned for an
infrastructurethat would support the region’s needs any day, any hour, or
anyminute in business. His vision extended from his chosen field to those of
the Digital and Service economy. His voice was heard in every move to
supportthe nation and the people living here. His was the first among the
government departments that adapted to the use of technology for better
services and he went one step further by ensuring a better return on
Investment (ROI) from IT.  


He has built a team of young and energetic a second line team which is
capable of carrying forward the high standards achieved. This organization
under him has grown to be the most professional among the government
departments.  This city has grown to become a global city known for its
cosmopolitan culture, peace, trading and commercial hub and this
organization’s role and support in this growth is invaluable.” 


Middle East CEO of the Year - Business sector. 

The award committee arrived at two organizations that have made equal and
significant contributions in the business sectors, forcing it to recommend
both of them to share the award for the Best Middle East CEO of the Year in
the Business sector.  The awards for the business sector were shared by 


1. Mr. Mubarak Bin Fahad, Director General, Dubai World Trade Centre 

2. Mr. Saleem El Zyr, President &CEO, Rotana Group of Hotels &Resorts  


The Award recommendation for Mr. Mubarak Bin Fahad says, “‘Exceptional’, is
the only the word for the achievements made by DWTC under Mr. Mubarak Bin
Fahad.  Mr. Fahad belongs to the new set of business leaders from the UAE
whohave shown determination added with the business ability to succeed in
today’s age of globalization and competitive business environments”. 


The award committee recognized Mr. Fahad’s leadership style and his hands-on
approach to realize goals. His deep understanding of the upcoming knowledge
economy and the various possibilities that it presents to the DWTC is the
prime reason for his success.  The award committee salutes the success of
Dubai World Trade Centre for its great contribution to the success of Dubai
in establishing its reputation as the business hub of the Middle East and
theneighboring countries. 


The Award Recommendation for Mr. Saleem El Zyr said “The Rotana group under
him has developed a unique service model offering the best of the both
worlds. This was achieved thanks to Mr. El Zyr’s understanding of the
cultureand communities of the Middle East combined with the collective
expertise of an executive team with significant international experience in
the service industry. Their growth from a company with 2 properties to a
total of 23 is truly remarkable and a model for every other business
organization in the region and worldwide.” 


Profiles of each of the CEO of the Year Award winners and their Achievements
and organizations will be featured at the awards website:[5]


About Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 

The Awards will honor (Successful Government and Corporate leaders) whose
innovative ideas, foresightedness and business acumen led him / her to set
upventures that have motivated other CEO’s.  The mission of the CEO Award
instituted by Datamatix is to honor today’s CEOs whose vision, direction,
example, and actions that are the essence for their organizations success.
The Award recognize effective CEO or other C-Level (CEO - Level)
professionals from the government and business sectors whose courage,
talent,and achievement stands out as unparalleled among his or her peers.
Instead of focusing on the size of the company, the awards will assess the
stature of the individual, the positive effect that person's leadership has
had on the company, and the impact this leader's decisions have made on the
industry as a whole. 


Additional information about the Middle East CEO of the Year Awards may be
obtained by contacting Media Executive, Naseer Ismail / Eihab Hussein: 00971
4 3326688; or e-mail: info at[6] 





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