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scooter manufactory huaton at pchome.com.tw
Mon May 3 00:00:24 UTC 2004

 Dear Sirs, 
Our company specializes in exporting electric &gas scooters, which are most
popular with our customers at home and abroad. Now we are writing to offer
you an opportunity to develop a mutual trade. If you are interested in
establishing business relations with us, please let us know your
requirements. Then we would like to forward catalogues as well as detailed
information to you, and offer the best price to you. We assure you of our
best attention to your any inquiries. We anticipate your early response in


  [IMG][1]Liquidation price, for minimum of one 20`meter container load
140/pcs, the price is $130.00USD a piece. For details go to our web site at
Here[2], This is a mixed color lot (140/pcs) of our mini GT model. Lot may
include Yellow, Blue, Black and Red.   

Huaton E-scooter Co., Ltd.
Room.B-202,Building Si-Hai-Ming-Yuan 
Burg Weiji,Zone Gongbei 
City Zhuhai 519020 
Province Kwangtung,China 
Tel:86-756-821-6922  Fax:86-756-888-3037 

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   1 http://dateu.to/huaton/
   2 http://dateu.to/huaton/

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