INN 2.4.1 (nnrpd): headers wrong for moderated groups

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun May 16 23:42:11 UTC 2004

Andreas M Kirchwitz <amk at> writes:

> Hello Russ (and everyone else who reads this)!
> With INN 2.4.1, if an article posted to a moderated newsgroup
> gets mailed to the moderator's address, the header is incorrectly
> formatted. For all known headers, an extra space is added after
> the colon. The "other" headers are correct.

> The function "MailArticle" in "nnrpd/post.c" has that typical
> for-loop which goes over all known headers in the "Table" array.
> In opposite to other occurences of that type of loop in nnrpd/post.c,
> the one in "MailArticle" doesn't check for leading spaces or tabs
> in "hp->Value".

> The attached patch fixes the bug. I simply inserted the same
> if/else-statement as used everywhere else in nnrpd/post.c.

Thanks, committed to CVS and will be in INN 2.4.2.

> Besides that, I'm just wondering that "Value" points to the
> first character after the colon (usually a space or tab) instead
> of the second character or the first non-whitespace character
> after the colon (the start of the real content - isn't it what
> you usually want if you use "Value"?). However, that's a 
> different story. ;-)

Yeah, this whole thing is very odd.  Really, INN should probably just
reject articles that don't have a space after the colon, since the new
NNTP standard will require that anyway.  Many of the things that nnrpd
currently does to articles isn't compliant; it needs some serious
attention at some point.

Russ Allbery (rra at             <>

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