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Dr mariam Abacha drmariam at
Sat Nov 6 02:19:49 UTC 2004

Dear Friend ,
 I am Dr. Mrs. Mariam Abacha, wife to the late Nigerian Head of state,
General Sani Abacha who died on the 8th of June 1998 while still on
active service for our Country.
 l am contacting you with the hope that you will be of great
assistance to me, I currently have within my reach the sum of 24
million U.S dollars cash which l intend to use for investment purposes
outside Nigeria.
 This money came as a result of a payback contract deal between my
husband and a Russian firm in our country?s multi-billion dollar
Ajaokuta steel plant. The Russian partners returned my husbands share 
being the above sum after his death. Presently, the new civilian
Government has intensified their probe into my husbands financial
resources which has led to the freezing of all our accounts, local and
foreign, the  revoking of all our business licences and the arrest of my
First son.
 In view of this I acted very fast to withdraw this money from one of our
finance houses before it was closed down. I have deposited the money in a
security company with the help of very loyal officials of my late
husband. No record is known about this fund by the government because
there is no documentation showing that we received such funds.
 Due to the current situation in the country and government attitude to my
family, I cannot make use of this money within, thus I seek your help in
transferring this funds out of the sub-African region.
Bearing in mind that you may assist me, l have decided to part with 20% of
the total sum. Your URGENT response is needed.
Please kindly reply me with drmariam at
Please include your personal phone and fax number.
 Dr. Mrs. Mariam Abacha,

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