problems in send-uucp.8

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Nov 21 04:28:43 UTC 2004

esr <esr at> writes:

> This is automatically generated email about problems in a man page for
> which you appear to be responsible.  If you are not the right person or
> list, tell me and I will attempt to correct my database.

> See for details on how and
> why these patches were generated.  Feel free to email me with any
> questions.  Note: These patches do not change the mod date of any manual
> page.  You may wish to do that by hand.

> Problems with send-uucp.8:

> My records indicate that you have accepted this patch, so this is just
> a reminder.  Please try to get a release with the patch incorporated
> to the Fedora folks in time for Fedora Core 4.

This was fixed in a version of INN released over a year and a half ago,
and this is now the third time that you have reported it after it was
fixed.  Perhaps you should stop sending out these notices until you fix
your software to check against the latest released version of a package,
rather than just making the (demonstrably false) assumption that Fedora
includes a current or supported release of a package.

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