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Centre for Strategic Management presents:
A Learning Double Header!

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CEO and Executive Briefing Series
Featuring "State-Of-The-Art" Best Practices"


One-day Executive Briefings
CEOs - Boards of Directors - Executives - Senior Professionals


San Diego...America's Finest City
January 12, 2004

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Five Sessions:
#1. Future global environmental scan
    (Strategic Thinking at its finest)
#2. Yearly Strategic Management System/Cycle 
    (Reinventing Strategic Planning for the 21st
    Century: Planning-People-Leadership-Change)
#3. Value-Added Proposition and 
    Marketplace Positioning
    (Growing your business vs. the competition)
#4. Strategic Thinking on a daily basis
    (Building a customer-focused, strategically 
    oriented enterprise)
#5. Lessons learned today—applied to your


January 18, 2004
Leading Enterprise-Wide Change

Five Sessions:
#1. The ABCs of Enterprise-Wide Change™
    (Prevent 75% failure rate)
#2. Simplicity of Execution
    (The Iceberg Theory of Change™: Three Keys 
#3. Rollercoaster of Change™ and Resistance 
    It is natural, normal, and highly predictable
#4. The cascade of culture change
    (People support what they help create) 
#5. Lessons learned today—applied to your


While in San Diego

No Briefing: Work or decide!

1. Travel
2. Play— Seven great ways!
    -Over 90 Regional Golf Courses
    -San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park
    -Balboa Park
    -SeaWorld of California
    -Deep-Sea Fishing
    -Visit the Gaslamp Quarter
    -Visit Tijuana
3. Work remotely
4. Receive personalfollow-up coaching
5. Conduct in-house tailored version of these 
   Executive Briefings
6. Visit customers
7. Visit local employees  

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Presented Personally by 
Stephen Haines
With the Centre's Global Business Partners

CEO · Entrepreneur · Global Strategist...
Keynoter · Systems Thinker · Distinguished Author

Steve is the world's foremost authority and leader in 
the Systems Thinking Approach™ to Strategic Management 
(Planning-People-Leadership-Change). He has led the 
Best Practices research, development, and expansion of 
Strategic and Systems Thinking for more than 25 years.

Steve is regularly invited to travel the world consulting 
with CEOs of progressive organizations, while keynoting 
and facilitating CEO and Executive Seminars as a 
distinguished and prolific author.

Insightful - Passionate - Provocative


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