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Please visit us at www.aplus.edu.my[3] for more details!! 

Discover truly flexible education, only at A+ Interactive![IMG][4] 

At A+ Interactive, we start every day with a fresh commitment to see
childrenexcel beyond the classrooms through eLearning! 

Like an attentive Dad, we seek first to understand.
Understand your child's learning needs![5] 

Like a knowing Mom, we nourish with the A+ goodness.
A Personal eLearning Plan for your child![6] 


[IMG][7]Our courseware incorporates a standards-based and self-paced
approachto learning. Students are provided with assessment tests, which
prescribe lesson plans to fit each student's needs. Students can also access
homework assignments and view their academic progress from home, by simply
logging onto the Internet! 

The availability of Anytime, Anywhere learning will lead to academic
success,empowering students to make consistent grade improvements, all from
the comfort of home! 

Offering eLearning with state-of-the-art courseware and the latest in
technology-enhanced education, A+ Interactive is here to give your child a
new perspective to learning. It's a learning experience they will really

Making Learning Comfortable for Students and Parents[IMG][8]
With our eLearning program, your child can now study and learn online from
home. All you need to start this program is a PC, a modem and internet

Assessing Your Child's Learning Needs
With A+ssess, our supportive Learning Facilitators can accurately pinpoint
your child's areas of weakness and subsequently design a lesson plan to
fortify these areas so your child may progress to the next level with more

[IMG][9]Individualised Lesson Plan to Address Your Child's Learning Needs
With A+nyWhere Learning System, we can develop an individualized lesson plan
to meet your child where he is. We are now able to come to his aid at his
present mastery level. 

Shaping Your Children's Future Today! 

All core curriculum content published is written according to guidelines and
standards developed by national and professional organizations. 

[IMG][10]1) Reading , Building Vocabulary, Language Usage, and Writing
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) 

[IMG][11]2) Mathematics
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) 

[IMG][12]3) Science
Benchmarks for Science -- published by the American Association for the
Advancement of Science, National Science Education Standards (NSES) 

[IMG][13]4) Social Sciences
National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) 


For more information, visit us at
www.aplus.edu.my [14] 

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