Ita l i a n-crafted Rolex - o n l y $65 - $140!! Free SHIPPING!!

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Thu Oct 28 15:09:05 UTC 2004

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Thank you for expressing interest in ATGWS watches.<br>  
We would like to take this opportunity to offer you our fine selection of =
Italian crafted Rolex Timepieces.<br>  
You can view our large selection of Rolexes (including Breitling, Tag Heue=
r, Cartier etc) at:<br>  
<b><a href=3D""></a>=

<p><font face=3D"Verdana" size=3D"2">
For all orders placed in the month of May , all shipping and handling char=
ges will be free.<br>  
As we are the direct manufacturers, you are guaranteed of lowest prices an=
d highest quality each and every time you purchase from us.<br>  
You may also be interested to know that we have the following brands avail=
able in our wide selection as well: <br> 
1. Rolex  (Both Mens and Ladies)<br>  
2. Blancpain<br>  
3. Fortis<br>  
4. Jaeger LeCoutre<br>  
5. Longines<br>  
6. Mont Blanc<br>  
7. Movado<br>  
8. Oris<br>  
9. Roger Dubuis<br>  
10. Ulysse<br>  
11. Zenith<br>  
12. Audemar Piguet<br>  
13. Breitling<br>  
14. Bvglari<br>  
15. Cartier<br>  
16. Corum<br>  
17. Dunhill<br>  
18. Franck Muller<br>  
19. Gerard Perregaux<br>  
20. IWC<br>  
21. IWC<br>  
22. Panerai<br>  
23. Patek Philippe<br>  
24. Tag Heuer<br>  
25. Vacheron Constantin<br>  
If you see anything that might interest you, or if you have any questions,=
 please don't hesitate to visit our website at:<br>  
<b><a href=3D""></a>=
I certainly look forward to hearing from you.<br>  
Best regards,<br>  
Division Sales Manager<br>  
ATGWS <br> 
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