nnrpd bug

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Sun Apr 10 03:53:09 UTC 2005

Ken Bass <kbass at kenbass.com> writes:

> In 2.4.2 -

>    If inn is compiled with both PERL and PYTHON support (which according 
> to some readme file is perfectly fine to use both - perhaps perl for 
> article filtering and python for authentication) nnrpd does something 
> stupid.

>   nnrpd stupidly attempts to load whatever script is specified 
> regardless of its language. Perhaps the problem is the parsing switch 
> statment in perms.c. If both DO_PERL and DO_PYTHON are defined, it 
> passes whatever python script is given in readers.conf 'python_auth' 
> statement to perl! Result is a syntax error of the perl parser and 
> filtering being disabled.

Thanks, this is fixed in CVS and will be fixed in the next release.

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