INN 2.4.1 on OpenBSD 3.5

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Apr 10 04:02:29 UTC 2005

Tim Judd <tjudd2k at> writes:

> I'm writing to notify you that INN v2.4.1 installed fine, except for the
> documentation.  The manpages are sitting in the proper directory, but
> when typed on the computer to view those manpages, the "man" program
> cannot find the manual pages.  FORCIBLY telling man to disregard any
> previous manpaths, specifying the one it's sitting in, will work.

The following bit in INSTALL tries to explain that:

    All of INN's configuration files, all of the programs that come with it,
    and some of its library routines have documentation in the form of man
    pages.  These man pages were installed in ~news/man as part of the INN
    installation process and are the most complete reference to how INN
    works.  You're strongly encouraged to refer to the man pages frequently
    while configuring INN, and for quick reference afterwards.  Any detailed
    questions about individual configuration files or the behavior of
    specific programs should be answered in them.  You may want to add
    ~news/man to your MANPATH environment variable; otherwise, you may have
    to use a command like:

        man -M ~news/man inn.conf

    to see the inn.conf(5) man page (for example).

Unfortunately, installing INN following the FHS or a similar standard file
layout is not currently available as an option, although this is something
that I'd like to get working eventually.

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