some INN bugs from RH bugzilla

Martin Stransky stransky at
Fri Dec 9 14:11:23 UTC 2005

> This is a complaint that an application that links against libinn and  
> calls server_init() will have TMPDIR set.  The actual scenario in  which 
> this occurs is not provided, so I'm not sure it's a bug.  But  we can 
> discuss it...
> Poking a little, I see that TMPDIR is set whenever inn.conf is  parsed.  
> I'm not sure if that's necessarily correct, but perhaps an  easier issue 
> to tackle is whether server_init() needs to parse  inn.conf at all.  
> Looking through all of lib/clientlib.c, I believe  that the only thing 
> that ever uses inn.conf is getserverbyfile() --  so perhaps we could 
> just defer the innconf_read() until then as a  quick fix?

I don't think it's so important to change this behavior so I'm not going 
to make extra patch for Fedora.

> This is a complaint that XHDR NEWSGROUPS returns a faux,  reconstructed 
> header based on overview information.
> This was fixed in INN 2.4.3.  You can suggest he upgrade.

No problem, I can upgrade it but where is INN 2.4.3 ? I can't find it on 
your site, the latest here is 2.4.2...

> This is a complaint that INN should not complain about duplicate Cc:  
> headers.
> As far as I know we're on shaky ground here with regard to having a  
> specification to follow, but to my eye, we follow the latest USEFOR  
> draft back to RFC 2822.  And RFC 2822 states quite clearly in section  
> 3.6 that the maximum number of Cc headers is 1.  Therefore I don't  
> believe this is a bug, unless someone else feels otherwise?

Nobody else haven't complained so closed as a WONTFIX.

Thanks for your useful reply.


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