some INN bugs from RH bugzilla

Martin Stransky stransky at
Tue Dec 20 14:22:14 UTC 2005

> I plan on dropping all of the clientlib compatibility functions in the
> next major release of INN.  INN really doesn't do a good enough job of
> providing an NNTP library to warrant continuing to include them, and very
> few programs use them.  (INN will eventually provide a different NNTP
> library with a much different API, but that's another story.)
> Please let me know if that would cause problems for you, but I doubt it
> will.

I don't have any problem with it and future versions of INN will go to 
devel branch so some changes are expected here :)

>>As far as I know we're on shaky ground here with regard to having a
>>specification to follow, but to my eye, we follow the latest USEFOR
>>draft back to RFC 2822.  And RFC 2822 states quite clearly in section
>>3.6 that the maximum number of Cc headers is 1.  Therefore I don't
>>believe this is a bug, unless someone else feels otherwise?
> It's a legitimate bug that INN cares about Cc headers at all, since
> they're not actually Usenet headers and have no Usenet meaning.  That INN
> cares is purely a side effect of how Perl spam filtering hooks are
> currently implemented, and when they're rewritten, this will no longer be
> a problem.  However, that's something of a long-term project.

Okay, I'll close it as upstream...



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