The Best Soccer Club Solution Is Now Guaranteed!

Joe Petrucci jpetrucci at
Tue Feb 8 00:16:04 UTC 2005

You have the freedom to evaluat= e, research and choose the best online
solution for your club and we woul= d like to help.

Count Me In supports your club by providing the bes= t solution for soccer
clubs including exceptional local customer service,= support and training.
Wepresent ourselves to your club as the finest so= lution built from the
grass up and not as a result of a top-down decisio= n. 

The Count Me In solution has always been compelling and in 2005= it's even
more attractive. Count Me In's 2005 Washington Youth Socce= r Program can
save the average club $2.41 per player over the state's contract vendor in
2005. This Program includes a money back guarantee and is= designed to serve
your soccer club's needs. It is not being imposed upon= you. It is based on
proven functionality that soccer clubs have used for= years. It's not

I encourage you to take 12 minutes and= view our narrated demonstration and
then contact us to arrange a live pr= esentation.


Since we s= tarted in 2001, Count Me In has been the largest provider of
online regis= tration and club management solutions to soccer clubs in
Washington stat= e. We are the technology partner of 14 Washington youth
soccer clubs and = more than 300 other clubs, associations and organizations
in thirty-nine = states and four countries including the US military, Nike
and even the Un= ited Nations. We employ more than 40 local staff, many of
who are parents= and coaches in local Washington soccer clubs.

= The Count Me In Foundation's generous donations of Nike equipment to Wash=
ington clubs may have conflicted with the state's sponsor's commercial in=
terests and influenced their decision. We want you to know that you still=
have the option to choose the largest and most experienced soccer club s=
olution provider in our state. 

Take the time t= o compare our existing solution to the state contract
vendor's proposed s= olution and make the decision that is best for your
cluband association.= We welcome the comparison and are confident that
you'llcome to the same= conclusion that most Washington soccer clubs did in
2004, 2003, 2002 and= 2001. You have the freedom!

We look forward to= speaking with you.

Best wishes,

Joe Petrucci
Count Me In
425 638-9010

Count Me In, the Complete Solution f= or online registration, secure
payment,participant management and commun= ications.


Count Me In Corporation
411 - 108th Ave NE S= uite 720
Bellevue, WA 98004
Tel (425) 638-9000
Fax (425) 4= 55-2257


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